Our Love Story

John and I are really lucky. We met in the last place on earth I ever thought I’d even find a serious boyfriend- Chiropractic School in Iowa. I am a Jersey girl through and through. I was born in NYC. When I first got to Davenport, a guy asked me on a date to a tractor pull and I started laughing, thinking he was joking. I was the only one laughing.

The second guy wanted me to meet his parents on our second date and told me we’d have a lovely life together, ice fishing in Wisconsin. I have zero wish to ice fish or live in Wisconsin and I broke up with him before he finished his sentence. Afterwards I realized that ice fishing in Wisconsin could be fun...if it was with the right guy ...and he was not the right guy.

After that, I just thought I would be single for the next four years in Chiropractic School and meet a guy once I got home. I made a list of everything I wanted in a guy and put it away. Funny thing is, I met John the very next day. I was tutoring a biochemistry class and I thought I would have thirty or forty students in a small classroom. Instead, there were over 100 students and I was in a giant lecture hall with an echo like they have in giant caves.

I decided to take a deep breath and focus on the very nice looking guy who was smiling at me from the way back. I basically talked to him for the entire lecture. That, was John. Even in a crowd of over 100 people, when he didn’t even know me, he made me happy. He made me so happy I didn’t even notice or care that I was lecturing about biochemistry for two straight hours to all students who were at least three years older than me. It didn’t hurt that he’s super good looking and I thank my lucky stars everyday that he is not a movie star and I get to have him all to myself.

I wish I could say our courtship was that simple but it wasn’t. Chiropractic school is hell in the middle of a cornfield. We have been battle tested in every sense of the term even in the very beginning of our relationship. We study for ten hours a day, have science classes with labs at least two additional hours a day, we’re all broke, and we are all exhausted and stressed out of our minds. To boot, I blew John off as soon as I found out he was a rugby player. I still remembering telling him that Rugby boys drink out of boot (it’s called shooting the boot- they take someone’s gross, dirty shoe, fill it with alcohol, and drink from it. GROSS. Just super gross.) and sleep with everyone.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but I never knew that. The only inkling I ever had was when I had asked for a new soccer ball and I was told we didn’t have the money for it. I never really gave it another thought because there was always so many things to do. My family are animal people and I had birds, a turtle, a cat, a dog, and a hamster growing up. There was no room for worrying about money because we were always surrounded by great food, lots of family, love, and laughter.

We used to go camping every year in upstate New York. Our family is huge into playing board games and me and my cousins and my parents would sit around until one or two in the morning playing Monopoly, scrabble, and boggle. We would take breaks to roast marshmallows and I remember making the perfect golden brown marshmallow. I spent my early years hanging out with my sister, who is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We love to be together and we love to laugh.

We cannot wait to introduce your child to all the different countries in the world and see what’s out there. We want to show them the beautiful barrier reef in Australia and what fresh lemon gelato tastes like in Italy. We want to show them the amazing Allison in Wonderland type buildings of Barcelona and hear the violins play under the Charles Bridge in Prague. We want to show them what it looks like to see a soccer game played in Brazil. We want to teach them to dance the salsa, bachata, and the hustle and show them the amazing dance moves of the Cubans and how they are the happiest people because they have family and dance.

We want to show them the great wild lands of Alaska and climb glaciers and mush sled dogs, and then have a campfire under the northern lights. We want to show the great Wild West of Wyoming, where John’s family is from. He is a fourth generation Clark, as in Lewis and Clark.

We want to show our children adventure, love, laughter, and how the world can be as beautiful and amazing as you dream.

We want them to feel to the love, family, and friendships we have all over the planet from Hong Kong to Alaska.

We want to teach them to have an open door for dinner to all the friends and family who show up and that love is conveyed in everything from a smile and a hug to a heartfelt thank you.

We want to teach them to laugh and that love always has been and always will be the answer to everything. Along the way, we will teach them to pick themselves up and dust off when they fall and always be excited for the adventures and relationships that await them.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We hope that this tiny slice of our lives gives you insight into who we are as individuals, as a couple, and as the kind of parents we aspire to be. We are passionate about life and bring out the very best in each other. Our friends and family span every race, religion, socioeconomic background, and age. We are proud to be part of so many different peoples lives.

We wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Love, Veera and John

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Free Time Fun

John and I love to travel. We are very affectionate with each other and love to be close to one another. We’ve been together for 14 years and I can’t get enough of him. He’s funny, talented, sweet, brilliant patient, kind, and brings out the very best in everyone around him. On the superficial level, he’s amazing at any sport with a ball and I think he’s the best looking guy I have ever seen.

We love going to the beach, our home is only ten minutes away from the Ocean. We love to walk and watch the sunset.

Ziggy is my mom’s dog but we bought him for her. We bought him right after she retired and decided to put my sister on an online dating site WITHOUT telling her. At which point, we decided she needed something to worry about besides my sister’s love life. Ziggy basically lives a life most humans would like.

Ziggy gets his hip iced. Why you ask? Because he played fetch for so many hours that he overworked his hip. Ziggy gets massages, adjustments, hours of squeaky toy time, and more love than any other furry white fuzzball on the planet. He frequently stays over and likes to wake me up my licking me IN the eyeball.

Our neice Sasha and my mom’s dog Ziggy love each other. I spend hours teaching Sasha about animals every time I see her. We are serious animal people. If we could save every dolphin, dog, penguin, and creature we would!

My husband John...

John is like the first day of spring. He brings warmth, happiness, and life to end the bitter cold. Just being around him imparts a sense of peace, protection, and acceptance. He is kind, patient, and can make anyone double-over from laughter.

I am convinced that he is part magic. I have seen wild dolphins and schools of fish flock to him. Once, when we were in the Ocean, he had an entire school of fish follow him everywhere he went. I think they thought he was the head fish. We’ve even had wild dolphins come up to him. He’s the only dude I know that gets free things and hugs from other dudes. He genuinely cares and is interested in all people. One time, we got a free taxi ride in NYC, just because the cab driver enjoyed talking to him so much. He is my best friend, and I love him more every single day.

John is magic with babies. Moms bring their babies in all of the time for colic or constipation and John has these babies laughing and cooing in no time at all. He’s magic with animals as well. I have never met a baby or an animal that did not love him.

Home Sweet Home

We spend hours gardening and love to make things look beautiful. We spend our mornings listening to the birds sing and watching the chipmunks and bunnies. At night, the entire yard lights up and it looks like a storybook garden.

Our nieces know their Uncle John will always look out for them.

Our niece Sasha has already figured out that I will take her to do whatever she wants. In this case, we were at a wedding and she didn’t want to be put down. Ever. So guess what? John and I carried her wherever she wanted.

Hello! We’re John and Veera. Thank you so very much for considering us. Just reading this must be even harder than it was to write. It’s hard to express our gratitude to you because we’ve not even met yet but we’d give you a big hug in addition to saying thank you about a thousand times just for thinking of us. No matter what happens, we really hope that you are going to be okay. Thank you again.

We believe everything happens for a reason, and we have embraced the path to becoming parents through adoption. Even before we knew that we were unable to have children biologically, we knew that we wanted to adopt. The only grandmother that I have ever known is John’s grandmother and she is adopted. Our best man at our wedding and our favorite cousin are also adopted. Adoption has always felt right to us. We love children, so since we haven’t been able to have children on our own, it just makes sense for us to adopt. Should you choose us to adopt your child, we would be honored and thrilled and make your child the center of our universe.

We have spent the last three months trying to come up with how to start this and it is nerve racking. We’ve met Princes and celebrities before and talking to you is by far the only time we’ve had to grasp for words. We have literally stared at a blank computer screen for hours, and I personally think speed dating would be much easier.

But you’re being brave and setting the example so here we are, trying to be as brave as you. It’s funny, but when I think of our future child and they ask us what their birth mother is like, we already know we will say ‘she is the bravest and strongest and most giving person we know. She loves you so much that she selflessly put you above everything else.’ What’s funny is that I know we will say that to our baby but saying it to you is so much harder because we are overwhelmed that you are considering us.

I wish I could say our courtship was that simple but it wasn’t. Chiropractic school is hell in the middle of a cornfield. We have been battle tested in every sense of the term even in the very beginning of our relationship. We study for ten hours a day, have science classes with labs at least two additional hours a day, we’re all broke, and we are all exhausted and stressed out of our minds. To boot, I blew John off as soon as I found out he was a rugby player. I still remembering telling him that Rugby boys drink out of boot (it’s called shooting the boot- they take someone’s gross, dirty shoe, fill it with alcohol, and drink from it. GROSS. Just super gross.) and sleep with everyone.

About a week after I made that declaration, EVERYONE EVERYWHERE I would go, would point John out to me, telling me what a great guy he is. By the way, I didn’t realize that he is older than me at this point because he has a baby face. I remember telling my friends that if I wanted to babysit, I would get paid to do it.

I finally got fed up of everyone talking about him and asked the Japanese, English-as-a- second-language student I was privately teaching why she likes John so much and she said to me ‘when everyone else make fun of me, he sit and explain the English word.’

So, I later found out that John is older than me and the nicest guy ever. Of course, this was after I had already stuck my foot deep, deep down my throat and swallowed it.

He made me work for it after that. I basically had to redeem myself. He was playing Rugby in addition to going to school full time, he was on a half Rugby Scholarship. That means he was always hungry and I cooked up a storm for him. I even cooked for his Rugby buddies and helped them pass their classes. When biochemistry class was finally over, he invited me out to the park for a picnic. I was so happy to be going on a first date with him... until at the end he said ‘thanks for the help with biochemistry and left.’ I am pretty sure it took me ten minutes to pick my jaw up off of the floor.

I cooked for him again after that and that’s when I finally got asked out on an official date. He took me to the park and played guitar for me under an arch of flowers. We didn’t have much back then but at that moment, I had everything I ever wanted.

My mother-in law Suzy is the bravest person I have ever met. She is a tough Wyoming Cowgirl who loves me like a daughter. The only time I have ever cuddled up in bed next to someone besides John in the last decade, it was her. She is my best friend besides my husband and she is intuitive, smart, funny, and has outlasted me at every party we have ever gone to for the last decade. I feel like I got a buy-one, get one free deal because she is just like my husband, but in female form. She and my father in law live in Ohio but they come and see us at least once a season. She promised me that she will stay for as long as we want when we adopt.

Nana, John’s grandmother was adopted. Nana was the kindest, sweetest person ever. In addition to being John’s grandma, she is the only grandma I ever knew. She treated me like another grandchild. My grandparents were not in the US and I only met them when I was four years of age. I remember them teaching me how to play soccer and being exceptionally kind, but I got to know John’s grandma for a whole ten years.

We live by ocean and we love the ocean. John surfs and I stand up paddle. We actual paddle together quite often. John is a natural athlete.

We love music and dancing. We take lessons in salsa, cha- cha, the hustle and the tango. John plays the guitar and the piano.

We have both played and watched sports our entire lives. I played soccer for 14 years, and John played soccer, as well as Rugby. We both ran track. Every year we go to the US Open with my family.

We also love watching movies together. We also enjoy photography, glass blowing, horse-back riding and a good board game.

There is one other secret to tell you about John and I. Only two of my very closest friends, you, and the people helping me with the adoption know this...in addition to being my absolute best friend and someone I look up to, I actually dreamed of John long before I met him. When I was in middle school, I spent a whole night crying my eyes out because my best friend was moving to Taipei, Taiwan. I was heart broken because I love my friends and I get very attached to people. I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t stop crying nine hours later. When I finally went to sleep, I had a dream that I was in the forest by my house, near a stream I used to play in as a kid. A boy came to me in that dream and told me I would be okay. I knew in the dream he was my friend and I remember asking him to stay. I knew I was dreaming and I didn’t want him to be gone when I woke up. I asked him to stay but he said he had to leave but that he would be back. I woke up feeling refreshed and not as heart broken.

Once John and I had been dating for a few months, he showed me pictures of himself from he was younger. I recognized him as the boy in my dream. I am not sure what you think about destiny or soul mates but I can tell you this- I was meant for John and he was meant for me. There is no one more magical to me in the entire universe.

Our Home

Our home is filled with peace, love, friends, family, flowers, and our little hamster and cockatiels. Often- times, it is a refuge for those needing a good laugh, a little TLC, or a nice home-cooked meal. Our door is always open. We are dedicated to being kind, honest and openhearted, and we can’t wait to expand our hearts and devote our lives to a child. We are childless, and we look forward to the time when we are blessed to become parents together.

Adoption: Please call or text if you are considering placing your baby for adoption: 800-997-1720

Adoring Doctors, Music, Travel, Love & Beaches awaits 1st baby.

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My wife Veera...

Veera is my best friend. Everyday she teaches me what love and kindness really mean. Whenever she walks into a room, you can see people truly light up at her presence. She loves to teach, write and learn (which she calls “sponging”). She is hilarious, spontaneous and never stops moving.

Life is meant to be experienced, and there is no other person I would want to do that with. She loves the outdoors and traveling. She takes great pride in her garden and watching things grow. This probably explains why I love her more everyday. If I have had only one goal in life, it would be to make her as happy as she makes me.

Veera is wonderful with children. They are drawn to her and she is drawn to them. I feel completely confident that my wife Veera will make the most wonderful mother.


We actually fought over our best friend Justin at our wedding because I wanted him as a Bridesmaid. Our friends are incredible and the family we got to choose ourselves. Justin has been our mutual best friend for 14 years. He brings out the very best of us. My face usually hurts from smiling after hanging out with him.

Harry is the closest thing John has to a brother. To me, Harry is the most genuine and giving person I know. He was with us when we travelled to the country of Georgia. John and I went there to try surrogacy and it didn’t work out for us. Harry wanted to support us and came with us. We’ve had 14 miscarriages in total, failed IUI, and two ectopic pregnancies and through all of that, we still feel so happy and blessed that we have each other and people who love us.

My best friend lives in Alaska. I go up there every few years because it’s important to me that I know her children. The last time I left them, I was in tears because they each insisted on giving me their favorite stuffed animal. If I am having a tough day, I sneak one of the animals into my work coat pocket for the day. When I got to their home this last time, there was a letter waiting of me. When I opened it, it said “Welcome to Avery’s house” and it had a dollar and a quarter in it for me to spend. I still have the dollar and the quarter.

It’s really funny... there is something about John or I that we immediately get cuddled from small people seeking warmth or comfort. John might as well as have a sign on him that says “human jungle gym.” Our best friend’s son, Brady loves to wrestling my husband. The dog gets lonely and gets in on the action too.

Every year, we got the Cayman Islands with our closest friends and their families. John is constantly targeted as the human jungle gym. John can teach any child how to play any sport and I taught this little cutie how to swim.

Cecelia, my best friend Chelsea’s daughter wanted to surprise me. She made me breakfast- munchkins soaked in coconut milk and frozen blue berries. I made Nora eat it when CeCe wasn’t looking...

I have loved my godson Gavin from the moment I saw his first sonogram. I have spent hours holding him and now watching him running around. He currently is two years old and speaks four languages. I’m great with the Spanish and English but I am a little lost when he switches into Russian.

This is Savannah, and she knows that when she shows up, the world stops for me.I have known her since the day I looked at her mother and said “You’re pregnant.”

My sister is the best sister in the entire world. She’s older than me and has shared everything she has with me since we were kids. She always tried to tell me that I am smarter or prettier than her. If I look at something she is wearing, she always asks me if I want to keep it. She is the most generous sister and I would be lost without her. Even though we are much older, I expect her to know the answers to life.

My momma may be cute and sweet but she is one tough momma. She once got held up gun point and told the guy “I don’t have time for this!” and waved him off. He actually left! In addition to being very cute and sweet, she is very brave. At present, she enjoys playing table tennis, cooking healthy organic food for us, and playing with her dog Ziggy. She supported her entire family and she was an ESL teacher and a retired computer programmer. More importantly, she is the BEST COOK EVER. She is a pillar of strength for the entire family. When anyone has a problem, they call mom for a solution.

We call my mom ghost rider because she has been known to drive 90 mph in the shoulder. That and she’s so tiny, you don’t actually see her driving the car. She told me the cops were picking on her, meanwhile, she invented her own lane.
During hurricane Sandy, we were worried about her and went to “save her” and when we got there, she had hot food and heat. She ended up saving us.

Babies love my mother and she just understands them. I have friends who bring their babies to mom when they don’t know what else to do. I think she speaks baby. My mother lives half an hour away and she is just waiting to be grandma so she can spoil a grandchild. She plans on being over all the time with her grandbaby and truly hopes to shower this baby with affection, home-cooked meals and presents.


We work on top athletes from around the world. We love our work and feel so lucky to be a position to help people who are hurting. We own our own successful practice which allows us flexibility in life. We live five minutes from our office, and we make our own hours. John and I are partners in our careers and we will be partners as parents. We both want to be completely involved parents so at least one of us or our moms will always be present for your child.

My dream has always been to go to the Olympics as the Chiropractor. I now work with tumbling and trampoline and help Olympians. The best part is that these guys can do things I can’t and I get to help them be better and support them.

We have done humanitarian work in Bolivia. Below is a picture of the line of people we treated, it wrapped around the building for hours, and we stayed until everyone had been seen. Many of these people walked miles to see us.

We are blessed to be chiropractors. We love what we do, and we have gone around the world to help those in need. We have stayed in places without running water, where fifteen people sleep in a single room. Most of these people have never seen a doctor in their lives. John and I reach people who others have forgotten. We love them and choose a life of service.


Family is huge to us! In terms of size and importance! We have over 16 aunts and uncles and over 30 cousins, plus their children. Our family is very diverse. We have cousins that are Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dutch, Australian, German, Indian, and Dominican, speaking over 8 languages between them. We have family that lives all over the world from New Zealand and Asia and Canada. In fact, just last week I met one of my cousins from Australia for the first time. We are even more blessed to have family nearby for support. Our families get along very well. We are extremely warm and friendly.

We have a leave no cousin behind policy. Since the cuzzies range from 22 to 56, we make sure where one goes, we all go. Our family is awesome in that we support each other. In our weddings, we all chip in. If someone doesn’t have money for a plane ticket, will buy it and have it mysteriously show up. Our weddings are super long, sometimes we celebrate for seven days. In those seven days, you feed all of your guests breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And since we’re so international, people may be flying in from all over the world. That means that we all take turns hosting events, housing people when they come over, and generally supporting each other. My favorite Uncle knew I might not be able to pay for school and was going to pay for it himself if I couldn’t come up with the money.

My family came to this country by working really hard. My first uncle helped my next uncle, who then brought my mom here. My mom then helped out her younger siblings. Now, all but one brother live in the United States and we cousins will always help each other out.

We go on tons of family vacations. My husband has three women to look after and he does it amazingly well. He calls my mom twice a day and cooks food with her for a whole day every week. The two of them watch sports together. My mom STILL calls my husband, thanking him for marrying me. He’s awesome- he always looks out for my sister and if she needs a date to an event, he always steps in.

Holidays at Our Home

Give us a reason to celebrate and we are there! Every holiday is big deal in our house. That means lots of food, family friends, music, and laughter.
Last Thanksgiving, we may have gone overboard... there was a full pie for every person at the dinner table. I am the desert queen. John can make anything you want.

We’re always got a dinner party with family, neighbors, and friends going on. We have an open door policy and everyone knows they are welcome.

Our wedding was a weeklong celebration of epic proportion‘s. Our guests came from all over the world, and The wild wild West. It was a weeklong celebration.

John’s family and my family are inseparable. In fact, at the wedding John’s parents sat my mom in between them because she had no date. My uncles and John’s uncles became fast friends. To this day, people still talk about the love they felt and the fun they had at our wedding.